Read all about Gravual in this interview by HUB Interviews.

HUB: Hi Sander, for those who are unaware would you care to introduce yourself?

Sander: Hi, First of thanks for having me. I’m Sander Legrand. I live near Antwerp (Belgium) in a small town called Hemiksem where I was born and raised. I recently bought a house here, completely rebuilt it and moved in a few months ago. I love to have my own place. It’s the place where I live, but also my workspace.

HUB: Tell us about Gravual. How long has it been going and what are your plans for the future?

Sander: I started Gravual back when I was still in school. I did the course ‘Devine’ in Kortrijk, but I dropped out after two years. In Devine, you learn 2 things: code and design. Design was something I absolutely loved to do, but the code-side of the course was not my thing.

gravual at work in the studio
detail shot of the gravual studio
graphic designer antwerpen antwerp

After these two years of button-bashing (I always get angry when I have to code) I started looking for a job, without a degree. I thought it would be incredibly hard to find a fun job, since there are so many talented designers out there, but after the first solicitation interview I did, I got the message form the agency Snyvo (now called Shtick) that I could come and work there. Snyvo was a small company right behind the corner from where I used to live. Almost everything I know I learned right there.

Gravual was just a personal project back than, just for fun. But the more I worked on these small Gravual-projects, the more I wanted to run my own business. After four years of non-stop designing (Snyvo at day, Gravual in the evening) and dreaming of my own business, I jumped in to the adventure, quit my job and started running Gravual as a full time job.
I’ve been doing that for the past two years, and things have been great so far!

detail shot of the gravual studio

HUB: This is probably one of the coolest shots I’ve seen on Dribbble. Could you walk us through how you made this & what was your inspiration?

Sander: Thanks man! These are some small illustrations that where used in the project for ‘De Markt Van Morgen‘, a project I really like. It’s a small market in Antwerp where young and self-styled designers can show and sell their work. From fashion to jewelry, from accessories to graphics, interior and furniture. All creatives are welcome to show their work there.

I got the idea for using letters as base to make small scenes from an old childrensbook I used to have back when I was a kid. I don’t ever remember the name, but the idea got stuck in my head.
The proces of designing these was the way I usually work: take my sketchbook and start doodling, after that I start designing in illustrator. I change the color a lot when I’m designing. I start out with a pallette but end up trying out 5 to 6 other pallettes before I am satisfied with what I made. Still kinda like this one.

detail shot of the gravual studio
detail shot of the gravual studio

HUB: How would you best describe your style?

Sander: Clean lines, timeless, often with a retro touch. I try to find a nice balance between my love for midcentury modern graphic design, and current design trends. My love for 50s and 60s design does not end at graphic design. I have a lot of architecture and interior books about this era to. Just love the vibe. If I could go back in time, that would definitely be the time I’d go to.
I love checking out logo’s from that time too. The good ones really look like they could’ve been made yesterday. A must-have book I recommand buying is ‘Logo Modernism’ by Jens Müller. If you like to keep it digital, than Logoarchive on Instagram might be something for you.

HUB: Designers who have recently inspired you?

Sander: Here are some of my design-heroes: House Industries, Tad Carpenter, Riley Cran, Charley Harper, Aaron Draplin, Lab Partners, Olle Eksell, Alexander Girard,… I probably forgot a couple, but seriously, check them out and be amazed.

HUB: Thanks for your time!

Sander: Pleasure is mine!

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