Recently I was talking to a friend about the benefits of a small graphic design studio. I am absolutely convinced that a small graphic design studio has many important benefits in comparison to a large design company. So I wrote down the 5 most important reasons why you should choose to work with a small graphic design studio.

1 Equal amount of talent, for less money

You probably know those super fancy office spaces where the big design studios are located. Well, they cost money. A lot of money. And I’m sure you can guess who pays for it? Indeed, you do, the client. Does a company really need a ping-pong table or an aquarium the size of a small house to produce good designs? Of course not. When you decide to work with a large fancy design studio, you pay more. That’s just a fact. But that doesn’t mean you get better work, better designs nor better service. Running a small design studio is just cheaper. And that’s why you pay less.

2 One clear point of view

A freelance designer usually has many skills. For example I am a graphic designer but I also do branding, web design, logo design and basic marketing. All of these different skills are essential in developing your brand. You’ve got one person who knows how to make all of these different aspects work together to create one brand for you. This clear point of view helps you in getting the results you need in the shortest amount of time.

3 Better communication

Because you are in direct contact with the designer, you are talking with the only person who has control over the whole process of your project. So when you have a question about a particular part of your project, you don’t have to go look for the person who is responsible for that part inside a large company. The person who is designing your corporate identity is also the one making your website and is your single point of contact. He’s the one you call and e-mail and knows all of the answers to your questions.

4 Speed

A freelance designer can make decisions on his own which makes him more flexible to work with and makes more progress in a short period of time. The whole process of development and revisions happens faster with one person handling all of the different aspects at once in comparison to different people who have to work together and where everyone has their own little part in the whole story.

5 You feel like the most important client, because you probably are

A client once told me “we feel like we’re you’re most important client”. Of course I was really happy to hear that because it proved that the effort I take to take care of my clients and their project comes across to them feeling appreciated too. A small company will never get that same treatment at a large design company because they simply are a small client in comparison to the big fish with large marketing budgets. At a small graphic design studio, you get the feeling of being their most important client because you probably are. And isn’t that how we all want to be treated?

Want to work with a small graphic design studio?

So, did I convince you that working with a small graphic design studio has great benefits in comparison to working with big design companies? I’d say, contact me and judge for yourself.