What does a good corporate identity mean?

It tells a story. Your story.

Which means that even without knowing your company, your future client can tell what it is that you do by the vibe of your corporate identity. To be able to do that without using any words, that’s just awesome, right?

Your corporate identity should also endorse your credibility as a company.

You can compare it with a first impression for example at a job interview. When you’re good at what you do, of course they will notice that too. But when you come in wearing your sweatpants and a worn-out T-shirt, you won’t make a good impression. It’s exactly the same for your company’s appearance. A professional branding is like a tailored suit for your company. It creates trust, before even saying a word.

Next, a good corporate identity creates an emotional tie with your target audience.

You just have to take a look at Apple or Harley Davidson. If you say one bad word to an Apple-fan about one of their products, you get this whole sermon about why “their” brand is better than yours. People get emotionally involved with the brand because they feel connected to it in some way. This would never happen if they had had an ugly corporate identity to begin with.

It motivates the client to buy.

I’m sure you have that one brand of clothing you love and you prefer wearing. In fact, when you buy something new you can’t get it off because you just love wearing that brand. You want to buy from them because you totally connect with it. The atmosphere, the presentation, the colours, the interior of the shop… everything just resonates with you. People feel good when they can buy your product. And that’s all just because of the way you chose to present it to them.

Last but not least, good branding ensures a customer’s loyalty.

If the whole story fits your product, you have a nice appearance and of course a good service or product, then why would your client go look for alternatives?

grafisch ontwerper hemiksem hhuisstijl branding corporate identity logo voor bakkerij

Yes, you too

When you run a small company, you might think that a corporate identity is only just for those big companies like Coca Cola who spend a lot of money in branding. You just focus on doing your job. Or even when you are convinced of having a good corporate identity, I can imagine it’s at the bottom of your priority list. I can totally understand that you are too busy running a business, believe me. But let’s think about it this way: replace “corporate identity” with the word “reputation”. You probably already feel the difference in where that word hits you. That’s right. You care a lot about your reputation, right? Well, a corporate identity is exactly that: the impression you make on people, potential clients for that matter.

Let me tell you a quick story about two local bakeries right here in the little town I live. One of them is on this beautiful premises, pretty wooden window frames and has a nice logo. The second bakery, just around the corner, looks really dull. Their name is badly printed over the letters of the previous owner, the colours are cold and in general you could say that it doesn’t have any personality of some kind. Even though both their bread is really good, still there’s always a waiting line at the nice one whereas you never have to wait at the other one. Point made, right?


My message is clear. You have a business? Well then – if you want it or not- you have a corporate identity. What you decide to do with it, that’s up to you. Or up to me? Reach out to me and let’s take a look at what we can create for your business!