On April 13th, Gravual turned 5 and I didn’t want to let that one pass unnoticed. As a party would be tad inappropriate (would’ve been kind of boring alone), I came up with something else.

Five graphic Gravual posters

I designed five posters to give away on my birthday. Each poster was only printed once so it’s one of a kind. In the meantime, they’ve all been distributed, and the winners got a shout out on Instagram. The posters looked like this.

New website

I’ve also launched this brand-new website, a nice summary of those five years of blood, sweat and tears. I’ve properly written out all provided services, given the articles a new lay-out, renewed the entire web shop, and finally, added a bunch of new projects to my portfolio. This time, I’ve distanced from the ‘brag portfolio’ by displaying not only the most high-quality graphic projects, but also my more mundane customers (on a graphical point of view). This gives a more accurate look into my daily work.

Have a look around and definitely let me know what you think! I’d appreciate it.

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