Time flies when you’re having fun! Gravual has been up and running for three years now, and I’m incredibly thankful that I can do what I love to do… Graphic Design! This is the perfect time to thank everyone who has helped me make this dream possible.

Ideal time to look back at the last three year. I’d like to invite you all on a journey through some of the highs from these past years.

2015: Route Du Soleil

One of my first projects was all the graphic material and branding for the ski holiday Route Du Soleil 2015. Cool job, cool people and a cool perk in the unlimited free snowboarding after all the work was done. Walking around in the ski village, completely surrounded by stuff I’d designed was a special moment. Some of my friends even started to call me “Sander Banner” afterwards. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take too many pictures, so you’ll have to make do with this dude and his inflatable flamingo, and some casanova with his lady friends wearing a Route du Soleil shirt.

2016: Tattoo’s

So I designed a tattoo for a buddy of mine, a little starling in a circle. Something simple and minimal. He ended up not getting it done, but a couple months after I’d posted it online I received an email from a random person who’d seen it on Dribbble saying “Hey Sander, I got your bird design tattooed on my arm, hope it’s not a problem”. Excellent. A couple months later another email comes in with someone else who’d gotten it done in ink. I can assure you that, as a designer, that there is no greater compliment than when someone puts your work on their body permanently.

2015-2018: Rock Werchters’ Rockvillage

I’ve been doing a lot of the graphic design for Rock Werchter’s Rockvillage, the luxury camping alternative for the Rock Werchter festival. I’ve also managed a sort of exchange with these guys. Me and three friends get full access to the catering, jacuzzis, and cocktails on the beach, as well as access to the warm showers without the super long waiting lines. I wouldn’t say it’s something I’d spend my money on, I’m not really too into living in the lap of luxury, but it’s the kind of experience you can’t turned down when it’s presented to you.

2017: Sampa Iced Tea Company

I could barely contain myself when I first got the a message asking for the complete graphic design of a new organic soft drink company in Hemiksem. We started with a logo and house-style, then I developed 4 new labels, business cards, point of sales material, and a sparkly new website. The atmosphere was super chill, and the Sampa guys basically gave me complete creative freedom. That doesn’t happen to often, and I’m personally super happy with the end result. Every time I see the bottles in a bar or the grocery store I can’t help but be a little proud. Wanna know more about the Sampa project, check out the photos on my website. Cheers!

Many Thanks!

This is naturally just a small cross section of all the awesome projects I’v gotten to work on over the last three years, but it’s been so personally rewarding that I hope to keep growing in this way as a graphic designer.

I would like to thank everyone again for the wonderful collaborations and unforgettable moments. Like my grandma always used to say “You fell with your butt in the butter”… which, I promise you, sounds a lot better in Dutch.