Being a graphic designer gives you a keen eye and even keener appreciation for posters. By contrast, my inclination towards the natural world and sustainability makes me think about the consequences of the mass production of paper necessary to make all these posters. So on this beautiful day I decided to try and use my love of design to honor trues. I designed two new posters, now available in the webshop. Half of the proceeds from these posters will be donated to BOS+.

Why BOS+

On average, In Flanders we lose six hectars of forest to asphalt every single day. Forests are critical to our physical and mental health, they breath tranquility into our increasingly stressful society. Studies have shown that walking in the presence of trees can reduce stress tremendously. Trees serve to filter pollutants and directly improve our respiratory health.

BOS+ is a Flemish non-profit focussed on conserving forests, to ensure more and better forests in Flanders, and eventually the world. Thanks to their expertise are they able to develop programs and projects that have significant impacts on the health of local ecosystems. BOS+ also offer educational packets to schools, provides training to companies and executes concrete actions in forests themselves. Check out their website for more info.

Environmentally friendly prints

All posters are printed BioTop paper. BioTop paper is an FSC certified uncoated paper, making it a sustainable alternative with a delicate matte look. The bleaching process of BioTop is chlorine and photobleaching free. The FSC certification ensures that the wood pulp used to make this paper is sourced from sustainable and ethically managed forests, ensuring traceability from source to user. More info available on the FSC website.

The posters are also digitally printed, resulting in a final product that uses far fewer resources, and critically no printing plates and chemicals. Offset printing often requires the production of up to 200 plates in order. Digital printing is the obvious

kopen grafisch ontwerp poster biologie anatomie vogel

Support your walls and a local forests

You can purchase your own prints on the links below, the trees will thank you! Iā€™m currently looking for graphic and interior design stores who would be interested in helping these posters reach a broader audience by selling them in their stores. If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping raise awareness for our forests do not hesitate to contact me.

To the online shop!