People who know me know without a doubt that I love to travel. Every year my best friends and I pull on our trekking shoes and go exploring. Our love of the natural world draws us primarily to untamed mountainous regions bursting with natural beauty. The places that left the biggest impression on me in this last year were Tenerife and Sierra Nevada (Spain), Müllerthal (Luxemburg), Cinqueterre and the Dolomites (Italy).

Passion project: graphic travelogue

Every designer should have a passion project. A project where one can explore their creativity away from the demands, budgets and client deadlines. A project where you can experiment with new techniques and ideas. Basically, a project where you truly express and discover yourself as a designer.

Last year I kinda lost sight of the benefits of having a passion project. Namely, that having such creative outlets improves the fluency with which you develop your work for clients. I lucked out in 2017 and only worked on creatively challenging professional projects, but that’s never a guarantee. So to keep the fire burning this year I’ll be combining my passion for design with my passion for nature and travel. I plan on creating a series of travel posters summing up the experience I had on different mountaineering journeys from this last year, a sort of travel journal that visually tracks each of my adventures in a single image, thereby making a comprehensive whole of two vastly different passions.

There will certainly be elements of these posters that are personal, and not entirely accessible unless you were with me out on the slopes, but I hope to make them compelling enough so that anyone can enjoy this project. I’ve posted a few photos from these trips to help guide you through some of the visual source material I’ll be using to create these posters. More photos can be found on my instagramfeed.