A strong logo and well-thought-out branding have a big impact on your business. They are the face of your brand, and people immediately think about your product or service when they see your logo. But when is it time to give that face a lift? In this article I briefly discuss when It’s best to make an appointment with a graphic designer for a redesign.

Your corporate identity looks outdated

The first, and most often occurring reason to give the logo or entire corporate identity of your business a restyling, is because it looks outdated. If your logo hasn’t changed during the last couple of years, chances are that it doesn’t satisfy today’s standards anymore. Not only have the graphical trends changed over the last couple of years, the way your customers see your logo has altered a lot; besides looking at the website on their computer, they look on their smartphones or on social media as well. Ten years ago, there was no need to take all of this into account. Today, however, it’s an essential part to take along in the redesigning process.

For Ownnr, I’ve given their logo and corporate identity an entire makeover. One that has a fresher appearance, looks more modern and ready to start a new chapter as an app. Take a look at their complete project.

Go for a professional corporate identity

When a new business is starting up, often free online logo design tools are being used, or people who ‘know how Photoshop works’ try to design a logo. Unfortunately, there’s little to no vision behind this logo and the effect is not great. In this case, it’s better to let a graphic designer take your logo under the loop. They look at the whole story of your business: they do research on the target audience, observe your business’ vision and goals, study the history of it and so on. All this information is being processed and transformed into a strong logo; one that emits confidence and differentiates you from the competition. In a nutshell: a logo that makes sure your customers bind them to your brand.

Logo redesign herwerking huisstijl - mindspeller voor Logo redesign herwerking huisstijl - mindspeller na

Mindspeller is a company that connects marketing to science. They’ve made their own logo themselves and stay loyal to it. However, there definitely was some room for improvement. The curves of the icon are cleaner and more simplified now, the letters have been adapted to look more modern and to emit their technological background.

Your product, vision or goals have changed

Our world is in a constant pace of change. Sometimes, you have to be flexible and adapt your business to this. Are your product, vision or goal you’ve established a couple of years ago, not appropriate anymore? Than the chances are that your current branding and logo are not fitting your new vision either. As your customers perceive your logo as being the identification mark of your business, it’s important that it’s updated every once in a while so that it keeps conveying the right message to your customers.

Logo redesign herwerking huisstijl - velodome voor Logo redesign herwerking huisstijl - velodome na

For Velodome, I’ve done this kind of redesign. In their first branche, they have a combination of a bike shop and a brasserie. The previous designer played with these two elements, however, they have opened two new branches with a focus on e-bikes, making the logo inappropriate. Time for a rebranding!

Time for a redesign?

Curious to see how your corporate identity is going to hold up in 2020? Don’t hesitate to send me an email and we’ll see how we can give your brand an extra competitive advantage and if it’s time for a redesign.