To make a strong brand, you need a well-thought-out branding. The most recognizable and pure part of this branding is the logo. A strong logo meets these five qualities: simple, memorable, timeless, fitting and versatile. I always keep these five qualities in mind when designing a logo. Only from the moment the design satisfies all five, I consider it a succeess.


Simplicity is what makes a logo easy to remember. By removing all redundant details and murmur, we come to the core of the design. Because of its simplicity, a logo works on any format, whether it’s on the side of a pencil or on a truck.


subsequent to the idea that a logo has to be as simple as possible, is that it has to stick. This can be done by creating a unique form or an unexpected symbol, but the baseline is that it needs to convey a clear concept in a simple manner. I sometimes test this by showing the logo I designed to someone who has nothing to do with it, and then ask them to re-illustrate the logo after looking at it for a couple of seconds. If they succeed in creating something similar, I know I’ve done a good job.


One of the most important aspects I always try to accomplish, is a timeless design. Some trends are nice for a while, but after a couple of years it will become clear that everyone is sick of this trend again and will look for the then newest popular trend. That would mean that you’d have to change your business’ logo every couple of years. This is not an option if you want to build a certain credibility within the sector and keep your loyal customers. It’s essential to go for a timeless and iconic design. That way you’re good to go for the next decade.


A logo should fit the target audience of your business. The entire story should work. That’s why we look at the target audience, your business’ vision, history and goals when creating a corporate identity. All this information is being processed and transformed into a strong logo; one that emits confidence and differentiates you from the competition. In a nutshell: a logo that makes sure your customers bind them to your brand.

A childish font with floral colors is appropriate for a toy store, less for an accountancy firm. That’s why it’s important to know who your customers are and to understand the way they think, what they like and so on.
A common misunderstanding when handling fitting logo’s is that companies think their logo should exactly display their core business.

Basically, a logo for a company can be literally anything, as people will always make the connection between the logo and the service of the business after a while. The logo of a bakery doesn’t need to be a bread and a dentist shouldn’t put a tooth in their logo. Nike’s logo isn’t a shoe and Ferrari’s horse isn’t a car either. These brands chose for a logo that fits their company’s vision and this way, differentiate themselves from their competition.


Finally, like I’ve said before, it’s crucial that your logo can fit any size without losing its strength. A strong logo works when its displayed ginormous or really small, in its original color as well as in one color, both positive and negative (white on black). These situations will present themselves eventually so it’s important to anticipate on this during the designing process.

Do you notice that your logo doesn’t meet these qualities and are you wondering how we can improve it? Or are you looking into replacing your logo completely? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me. We’ll look together how we can take your business to the next level with a brand restyling.