Sampa Iced Tea Company

Sampa Tea Company’s goal is to make the most delicious iced tea you’ve ever had. They don’t use powders, preservatives, added colors, artificial flavors, or refined sugars. They brew their tea in hot water, and pasteurise it to avoid using harmful preservatives. The ingredients they use, were grown in soil, not developed in laboratories.

In their continued commitment to their own communities, they donate a small amount of money for every bottle they sell to a local cultural non-profit. They do this because they believe that the ideal world is a colorful one. Gravual couldn’t agree more!

sampa iced tea logo design designer of branding
iced tea bottle label design graphic identity
iced tea bottle label design graphic identity

Gravual has been the brains behind all of our design choices since we began Sampa a little over a year ago. I had met with several designers, but Gravual’s professionalism stood head and shoulders above the rest, and more importantly his vision for our company stood firmly in line with what we wanted. After a couple consultations he came back to us with a design we loved. I didn’t know what to expect, and certainly didn’t expect such a fluent and hands on service.

I didn’t realize the universal strength of his vision until we launched. Since then, almost every potential client I’ve interacted with comments positively on his work without any prompting whatsoever. Honestly, I’ve come to expect compliments on it. The process has been nothing short of a pleasure. He helped bring my company to life, and for that I cant thank him enough.

— Alex D’hoore, Sampa Tea Company

detail of iced tea bottle design
detail of iced tea bottle design drop cap branding
sampa branding of the website - graphic design

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